SCN Dermatology strives to be a full-service dermatology center. We provide a comprehensive medical and sugical dermatological care as well as highly tailored and patient-oriented cosmetic dermatological therapies. Click above image to find out more of various medical services that we provide.

Medical Dermatology

SCN Dermatology strives to provide a comprehensive dermatologic care to our patients. Common skin condition such as acne, warts, allergic skin dermatitis, and fungus infestations are treated with up-to-date medical treatment modalities. Importantly, skin cancer screenings are performed routinely to detect and treat potentially life threatening skin cancers. Various atypical skin manifestations, which could provide an important clue to an underlying systemic disease, are carefully examined. Hair and nail disorders are an important part of dermatological care. A large portion of SCN Dermatology patients comprise of pediatric population who can present with an unique set of childhood dermatological skin conditions. Please refer to our "Patient Educations" section on our website to learn more about various skin conditions. For more information click here.

Cosmetic Dermatology

SCN Dermatology strives to address all of our patients' cosmetic needs and concerns. SCN emphasizes in providing a "tailored" approach to address various cosmetic concerns of our patients. Injectable treatment such as Botox and Filler augmentations are performed routinely. Facial contouring and reshaping are performed. SCN employs use of the latest laser technologies to address various cosmetic demands of our patients. Some of more common skin conditions that are treated with laser therapy, often in combination with other treatment modalities include melasma (discoloration of skin), acne scars, hirsutism (excessive hair), enlarged skin pores, etc.. For more information click here.

SCN Medispa

SCN Dermatology has a full scale medispa. Various skin care oriented therapies, including facial treatments, chemical peels, hair treatment, are performed in SCN Medispa by licensed aestheticians. All treatments are supervised by our physicians. For more information click here.

SCN Products

SCN Dermatology provides unique skin products that are exclusively developed by SCN dermatology. The products use medical grade components and are specifically tailored to each individual patients as directed by the physician. For more information click here.